Agricultural Machinery

The agricultural machinery we offer is manufactured by major companies like Fendt, a flagship company at the top of the farming business in Europe. In our portfolio you will also find products by Carraro, an Italian company that displays mastery in arboricultural tractors. The variety of machines includes soil cultivation products by Lemken. This wide range of machinery is for professional farmers in Greece and Cyprus that seek a leading role in the primary sector with tools and means of the latest technology and the highest performance.


Leaders drive Fendt.

An investment in Fendt is an investment in the future.

With Fendt tractors and agricultural machinery, producers can achieve their goals faster and with higher efficiency. With a rich variety of tractors, combines, balers, mowers and forage harvesters, silage machines and telescopic machines, Fendt aims not only to meet the demands of its customers but also to exceed them and be part of the success of each user. Fendt is characterized by innovation in its technology, reliability in the quality it offers and incomparable performance. Those who choose Fendt directly benefit from the efficient technologies used in its agricultural machinery, which have been created for the most economical use possible and promote a profitable and sustainable production of food and feed with improved use of natural raw materials and energy.


Tractors Built for the Best 

Carraro's elegant design and Italian style serve the Greek market in providing solutions mainly to the multiple needs of vineyards, fruit orchards, kiwi crops.

The new Agricube Series with an Iveco engine was designed to combine high performance, quality and reliability with a wide variety of applications adaptable from the vineyard to the open field. Compact design and application flexibility combined with the comfort offered by modern ergonomic adjustments make Agricube an ideal tractor for any type of specialized activity.
All Carraro tractors have a wide range of horsepower and are equipped with either the factory Pergola style cab or a classic style cab, and there is always the option of an open version.


The Agrovision Company

A company with a noteworthy international ranking for its contribution to the Agricultural sector. With a tradition going back 240 years Lemken applies knowledge and a passion for progress in offering intelligent solutions for the farming of today and tomorrow, always aiming to satisfy agricultural needs in terms of innovation and quality. With expertise in soil cultivation, ploughing, reconsolidation, seedbed preparation, sowing, drill seeding, precision seeding and intercrop seeding, it constantly monitors the pulse of the market and the emerging needs of the industry.

Distribution Network

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Our certified network of dealers reaches across the country, so every farmer in Greece can access the products and services that we offer.

The selection of our partners is carefully conducted to ensure supreme services for customers, correct guidance in every investment and reliable solutions that meet the needs and requirements of the users of agricultural machinery.